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Colorado Chem is a strain combining several versions of Chemdawg with some Gorilla Glue thrown in for good measure. This is a seriously potent OG-type strain with a distinct gassy pungent and piney flavour. Read more about this strain here:

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what is going on welcome back to another iced mocha video with me your host Tyler Greene today I’m gonna be covering another kind of is strain this is Colorado Kem and it is smelling bloody lovely we’re going to be taking a look at this one in a bit more detail right here on the I smoke channel let’s talk about the background of Colorado chem Colorado chem is eyestrain which seems to be a bit of a mystery in terms of its heritage they’re keeping it under wraps so it’s not public what the genetics of Colorado chem are it’s a hybrid it one cannabis cup in Denver the people Choice Awards back in 2014 it’s a hybrid 50/50 so a mixture between the head and the body hi this has been grown from seed in the UK this is actually phenotype four of the batch from which it was grown that’s about it for the background let’s talk about the appearance of the Colorado chem we’ve got gas leak extracts this is a gas leak flower pack it has the brand in to much and nice to see that UK product is being sold like this is a 3.5 grams bag says warning that this product contains the cannabis blah blah blah unlawful to distribute I like that let’s take a look at the bud inside the Colorado Kim got a nice consistency to it the quality of this bud looks really really nice quite a uniform green color but twice sparkling when it comes to those trichomes you can really see the trichomes dossing about the bud nice big sparkly trichomes her pistols aren’t very apparent and lighter golden the bud shape bud structure is all looking very very nice I think I did accidentally slightly squash this Pat Dallas you could say by this straight line on this side the but they would have probably initially been a little bit more fluffy than this and I’ve been sort of pressed together the look reminds me a bit of the chem dog it’s got that sort of old-school but look to it probably the uniform color the light green the sparkly trichomes you know that’s it for the appearance but how does it smell we’ve got the Colorado chem here first let us take a whiff of inside the bag and get an idea of this bill up smell that is seriously gassy like seriously guess he like you take the smell of the Road Dogg that og cush Yuli gassy smell you take that smell and you add a little bit more gas to it probably stop before you get to the levels of guests of the holy grail pushes not quite as gassy as that but it is really up there similar gassy levels to the chem dog as well actually similar to Road dog that gassy pungent pony rich vanilla nostrils og smell that you will know and love if you have ever smelt any strands around those sort of genetics that is the sense I’m getting oh man I’m gonna live in that bag wowza the reason I love holy growl so much is because it epitomizes this aroma I haven’t found a better version of that aroma taste and experience in the holy grail Burton this has got the same sort of smell to it let’s break open this bud and see how it smells inside you ready guys [Music] Plus super glue levels of pungency and gets in there that tingling on the inside of my nostrils but fuel like petrol diesel war like something fuel a lot an OG richness strike to the face that is strong frankly open actually I realized that the buds are less dense and more sticky as well than I was expecting by looking at them there is a lot of stickiness in this but it’s still completely dry but you can feel it you can feel the resin in this bud let us get into the bomb guys that’s it for the aroma let’s talk about the taste of the Colorado ken I want to be mixing that in with anything else good old Bob’s we’re nice sound winding it up now yeah another one that it reminds me of is the og Rican it’s got that kind of a smelter is it’s one of my favorite weed smells as it goes if you’re doing it me for this one you know what to do get yourselves ready those joints road bombs where they’d a breeze heated up hit that pulse button if you need to we are about to hit this bowl of Colorado chem right here on the I smoke channel and I will see you all on the other side cheers bugs [Music] completely smooth very clean no need to cough gassing this comes through more on the aftertaste like towards the end of the exhale and he’s getting stronger now in my mouth fat gassy og text that I love that is there and the smoking experience is clean as anything actually only now now that I’ve breathed out a few breaths ago am I starting to get the tingling in the sort of sinuses and eyes that I get sometimes when I hit bowls of star dog and other things with like really heavy amounts of trichomes in the expansive strength I’m only now starting to get that from this but first I like this lovely flavour that came through really really nicely so I’ve got the mic and vaporizer this is going to give me an even better idea of that flavor set to 180 degrees is just heating up let’s see how this tastes in the mighty vaporizer Wow it has got a delicious gassy flavor to it guys really sort of settles in the bottom of your bottom of your mouth or the back of my mouth actually it’s like this it’s OG aroma exactly what I’m saying that I love about the aroma is now coming through into the flavor in the mighty vaporizer this is some very nice tasting cannabis so I’m clean tasting and so reaching and gassing like diesel II you know like strong oh gee earthy that’s why I think about the flavor let’s talk about the effects of Colorado Kemp filming with this strain has been a very enjoyable experience so far and as I talk to you I’m not being let down by the effects either I can feel a nice hybrid high kicking in now it says that this is a 50/50 so you’ll experience effects on both ends of the spectrum I’m feeling happy I’m feeling creative I’m feeling uplifted but I’m also feeling nice in my body in a way which is telling me that the body stone is also starting to kick in it’s kicking in quite fast actually it’s dying to get the light sensitivity affect wise it’s medium to strong I’d say quite strong I feel like it’s going to continue to grow it’s now another few minutes later and I am feeling even more of the effects of the Colorado chem I’m feeling good guys is nice and relaxing you can tell it’s a hybrid hi cuz I’m feeling like this the TV bounciness but I’m also like zoned out a little bit it’s kicking in and quite potent work let’s sum things up so to conclude my thoughts on Colorado chem this is a strain which I am super happy to be smoking it exhibits a lot of what I love about cannabis that gas enos that old-school delicious flavor that power that hybrid where you getting effects on both ends of the spectrum it’s been crime well it smells good it tastes nice it’s smooth and clean you know there’s not really much bad to say about the Colorado chem it’s got me nice in stone this is the effect on my face as you can see I mean I can tell my eyes are getting red by how drawing they’re feeling but I’m opal to keep filming and productive in a productive way you know so it’s not like I’m like sounding me out too much overall I really rate the Colorado Kim guys what do you think about this strain have you ever had the chance to try it do let me know in the comments below feel free to like this video and subscribe to that I smoke channel to help us grow big up gas leak extracts big up came down this has been a really fun review to do that’s it for the moment as always thanks for watching and keep talking rollercoaster going down but I never felt this high biggest right how the century [Music]